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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> firefighters battle a fire in san francisco and we're live with the latest. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm diane dwyer. >> firefighters still on the scene right now. the fire broke out this afternoon at a home on sacramento street near the laurel village area of san francisco. chase what's going on? >> reporter: firefighters were able to get things wrapped up. we had some water on the street behind us from the massive amount of fire they had to use to get this fire out. everyone was able to make it out of these two buildings even
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before firefighters arrived. that meant that no one was injured. this fire broke out around 3:00 here in the presidio heights neighborhood. it started between two buildings, a three story building and a two story building. that taller building had an italian at that if he at the bottom and a clothing store. firefighters don't know what caused flames to spark between those two buildings. because of that there were some utilities in that area so that cause ad little bit of concern for firefighters because there was natural gas that was leaking and sort of fueling that fire that had to get pg and e out quickly to shut off that natural gas before things got worse. everyone was able to get out of those two buildings. most of the upper floors were vacant at the time this fire started. but firefighters still raised this quickly to a three-alarm situation because the buildings were so close together. >> always with san francisco, with the wood frame constructed
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buildings and zero property lines the buildings right up to one another when a fire starts between two buildings it gets into two buildings and the fire moves quickly. that's why the san francisco department sends such a large response on any fire. >> reporter: firefighters cannot yet say what started the fire. that's something they say may take them some time to figure out. there was substantial damage to both of the building, though the assistant fire chief said he doesn't think earth of these two buildings is a total loss and he credits that to his crews quick response. people that were inside that building, rather that people that had apartments inside that one building they are working with the red cross to find other accommodations for a place to stay. thanks for the update, chase. there are two wildfires burning in the wine country today as well. one burned about 300 acres north of napa in the southern canyon area. it's about 80% contained.
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it started two days ago. no reports of injuries. the cause is under investigation. the other fires burning north of sonoma county is much larger. it's burned 3,500 acres so far in the geyser area. the problem for this fire is strong winds making it tough for firefighters to contain the flames. this fire is about 25% contained and it started yesterday. on the peninsula a fire in burlingame burned several apartments. the fire marshal said there was concern the fire would spread to the nearby downtown area so they had to work quickly to get it contained. kimberly tere in burlingame right now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: that same fire marshal tells us the age of the building and also its shiningled siding you see there accelerated the fire which started before 4:00 a.m. also no automatic sprinklers inside the building since it was
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built before they were mandated. one building went up in flames and damaged the adjacent building. no one was at the home where the fire started. there is a detached unit behind that property. the man living there was able to get out and he's the one that called 911. first fire crew arrived within four minutes of that call and almost immediately asked for more help. at the height of the four alarm fire 70 firefighters were battling the flames. >> it did spread to another building and any time we have that with wood structures and our down area we want to make sure that we protect that, the business vitality and what we do down here in downtown burlingame. >> reporter: the official cause of the fire is still under investigation the central county fire marshal said painting supplies were found in the first floor room where it is believed that fire started.
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it's likely there was a combustible item left near a built in floor heater which caused the fire. the fire marshall also says this fire serves as a reminder of leaving flammable objects near a heater as the holiday season approaches. there's christmas trees and brents to consider that get too close to a heat source and can cause a fire. good reminder. thank you. firefighters and police spent much of the day at a san francisco construction site where scaffolding and part of a building collapsed about 9:00 this morning. it happened on gary street near jones. the collapse knocked down a light post and as you can see damaged vehicles parked in the area as well. but did not injure the construction crew working there remarkably. people living nearby say it sounded like a little earthquake. >> and it was kind of like all the kings horses and all the kings men and it all came tumbling down. then the fire department came and were on the scene pretty
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quick. >> it's unclear what caused the structural collapse. building inspectors and department of public works have been called to the scene. >> today the biggest rivalry in the bay area took center stage at sanford. hundreds turned out the tail get while the rivalry between cal and sanford has been one side and certainly was today. fans still love the competition. >> think anything can happen. it's been a tough season. but especially with the big game, i think all the players will be trying their hardest. >> been an interesting rivalry where it's been lopsided either in our direction or their direction for a lot of years. haven't been competitive and we hope it isn't competitive too today. >> that was before the game. 116th big game proved historic. not in the way cal fans hoped.
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63-13 was the score. today our big push to end hunger in the bay area our nbc bay area news team working with safeway. >> there you are. >> yeah. i'm in san francisco with jeffrey. did very well at the safeway by the at&t. >> good to hear. and there is my son and my dog truman. >> what did truman do? >> he was a magnet. they felt bad and donated. then rob? >> i was over in danville. in san ramon kiwanis. >> way to go. >> we just got the numbers in. 16,000 bags have been donate sod far. that's $150,000 since each bag is $10. i can do my math. >> goes on until december 25th. let's see how the rest of our nbc bay area team did today. >> helping to feed the hungry
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one bag at a time. >> the bay area showed off its generous holiday spirit as part of nbc bay area's annual food drive with safeway stores and the kiwafis club teamed up with 156 locations. >> we'll walk over and put it in that big bin. >> we have 1,000 volunteers working with nbc bay area anchors and reporters. >> we're raising money for second harvest. >> this year's food drive will help eight food banks in several counties. >> shoppers had a chance to buy $10 grocery bags packed with food. once selected those bags will be delivered to food banks. >> we appreciate the donations so much. >> for more information head to our website at and search holiday food drive. the drive continues astery mentioned through christmas. >> coming up next at 6:00 police are investigating a stabbing at a south bay hotel. >> a bay area nonprofit hit by
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burglars four times in the last two weeks. the thieves did leave behind some clues. >> keeping in touch while in mid-air. some changes the faa is debating. >> we're watching temperatures quickly drop in the north bay. down to 48 degrees and for parts of the bay area this is leading up to a freeze warning. tomorrow morning we'll talk about that and our next chance of rain in the forecast with we come back.
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this just in into the newsroom. police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. happened a couple of years ago in the 2,500 block of bambi lane. officer combed through the area and nearby streets are blocked off. officers tell us they are investigating a possible gang connection. again a deadly shooting near capital park on the 2,500 block of bambi lane. kimberly tere on the way to the scene. we'll have more at 11:00. >> police in milpitas is looking for the man who stabbed a woman in her hotel room. police say the 30-year-old woman was stabbed several times in the hotel room on the ninth floor. crews rushed theory hospital with serious injuries. she is expected to survive. but she's in critical condition right now and has not been able to give police a statement about
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the attacker. south bay grinch is literally trying to steal christmas away from women and children. teen challenge a nonprofit that helps people recover from drug and alcohol addiction was burglarized four times in the past two weeks. thieves broke into three different buildings, two in san jose and one in santa clara. they made off with $20,000 in cash, credit cards, computer equipment and gift cards. the charity's director said the thefts are making it difficult for teen challenge to make christmas special for these families. >> personally affects me because i don't want to see the organization suffer and i don't want to see us be able to help less people and that's important because our programs are full. >> teen challenge says the crook who hit the administration office left behind footprints and fingerprints. coming up winds brought down
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a huge tree in oakland and the neighborhood is using it as a playground. >> this thanksgiving a local charity wants to collect 1,000 turkeys. today nbc bay area anchors were out at safeways around the bay area. this one was at belmont asking shoppers to donate. the bags are $10 each. they have lots prove teen in them and that kind of thing set and ready to go and will feed one family for a week. >> you can do it all the way up to christmas day. >> today was the big kick-off. it can happen all the way to christmas. thank you. >> the weather was quite nice for that today. no rain in the forecast tonight. chilly. heading towards tomorrow morning. more sunshine in the forecast. temperatures in the 60s but tracking some changes which may include a little bit of rain as we approach thanksgiving. we'll have a look at that and the forecast when we come back. 0
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. send anthony's annual curb side donation drive kicked off today with a goal of collecting 1,000 turkeys before thanksgiving. volunteers wearing red jackets greeted drivers on golden gate avenue in san francisco collecting turkeys, canned goods and hygiene items. socks and monetary donations as well. chefs at saint anthonys are preparing to dish out 4,000 meals for the holiday on thursday. >> it's great. it's a great feeling. it's the busiest day they've had for the first day of the drop-off. we saw a long line of people coming to get their meal today so there's definitely a need. >> funded entirely by private
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donation. they have been helping people in need for more than six decades. a giant tree that fell earlier this week has become a tourist attraction in oakland. today people checked out the giant eucalyptus that's blocking a walking path. it's about 30 feet in diameter. the wind knocked it down on thursday. some children are using it as a playground now. no word on when crews plan to remove it. so there you go. >> it looks like it would be a lot of fun but probably be a down side, someone falls off and someone gets hurt. >> i'm guessing there could be serious down side. any more winds to add to the festivities over there? >> i think that was plenty. you can see we got the wind speeds down below five to ten miles per hour. no more red flag warnings up in the north bay which we did have during the day today. this canadian air conditioning,
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the cool dry air that's settling into the bay area really going to drop our temperatures. our temperatures right now not that bad. napa down to 49. 47 in fairfield. clear skies tonight, even though we managed to mid-60s during the day we'll lose all the heat gained during the day, just escape back out to space. it's called radiational cooling. clouds overnight, dew point temperatures that let us know how dry and how cold the air could get by tomorrow morning, these are the numbers the thermometer will try to drop to between now and sunrise tomorrow morning. away from the water there's a chance tomorrow morning we could look at low to mid-30s, out towards fairfield. flash flood valleys those dew point temperatures still dry. good chance of 30s and 40s as we wake up tomorrow morning. there's a freeze warning up for the eastern half out towards the eastern half of contra costa county. so from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00
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tomorrow morning a freeze warning up close to the delta. no chance of rain in the forecast. the rain producers off to the south and east. next chance of seeing rain will come in as we head towards wednesday. keep a close eye on the forecast. approaching wednesday and thursday, that will be our next opportunity for seeing rain in the bay area. tomorrow we're look at temperatures in the 60s from the north bay to tri-valley. same story in san jose. nice finish to the weekend. chilly morning. san jose tomorrow morning could be close to upper 30s to get things started tomorrow. back to you. >> people may soon be able to make calls while they are in mid-air. more on a big change the fcc is considering. >> we want to thank everybody who gave to our nbc bay area food drive. jessica talking to shoppers. last year we collected 48,000 bags in one day and by the time the drive ended more than
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125,000 bags were donated. we're off to a great start. more than 15,000 so far today. >> just today. then we got all the way to christmas. >> up to christmas day. i love watching tv outside.
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baggage fees and paying for leg room are two of the complaints from airline passengers. now there may be another annoyance for some. passengers may soon be able to talk on their cell phones once they are above 10,000 feet. this is under consideration now that the fcc has loosened restrictions on using electronic devices. people we talked to had mixed reactions. or not. flight attendants and others have expressed concern about electronic interference saying cell phone use during flights can become a safety issue. the fcc will look at the proposal sometime next month. obviously some people concerned it will be disruptive, if you're
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sitting next to someone on the phone. >> people lose track how loud they are. walking down the street a guy behind me like he was shouting and just talking on his cell phone. on a plane? >> used to be able to do it on a plane before september 11th. we should probably move on. it's about that time. henry, would you like to speak? >> sports fans love days like this. we got plenty coming up including injury news from the warriors and highlights from the 116th big game. we'll tell you which team is taking home the axe. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the 116th big game was truly historic. could cal lay down a big upset? let's get to the highlights. teams battling out there for pride and respect. number nine stanford, cal who was win less battling for that axe. first quarter tied at 7. hogan dives into the end zone. second quarter shane with a violent hit on jarrett. first of two major hits he delivered. he did not return to the game. late in the game.
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montgomery finds pay dirt. third quarter stanford up 32-14 and not slowing down. tyler 58 yards to help stanford win 63-13 and the cardinal will keep the axe for at least one more year. over to a big upset. number five oregon at arizona third quarter arizona up 19. perry from nine yards out, 206 yards. and four touchdowns. fourth quarter, marcus throws an interception. takes the knee to the head when trying to make the tackle. painful loss for the oregon ducks. 42-16. warriors forward andre iguodala is in pain. he'll not play against the portland trailblazers tonight and listed as out indefinitely. he injured his left hamstring during last night's game against
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the lakers. doctors say surgery is unlikely. steve curry battled concussion like symptoms and he hasn't played since monday when utah jazz forward marvin williams accidentally fell on curry's head. the point guard was seen holding his head at the end of the warriors/lakers game yesterday. he will be a game time decision. over to football. raiders sophomore wide receiver's season is over. he got hurt in camp but returned in week nine only to get hurt in the eagles game. he moves to the i.r. with a shoulder injury. to the nfl and it's a big sunday night football game this sunday on nbc bay area. tom brady and the patriots take on peyton manning and the broncos sunday night football analysts chris tells us who he would pick between the two quarterbacks or did he. >> every broadcaster in the nfl
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has tried to say, all right, you got to pick one who do you take? which day is it? which team are they playing? which quarterback has the ability to lead their team to significant wins? certainly tom braid joy with thinks three super bowl rings has been fantastic. and has had a great string of success. and on the biggest stage. peyton manning has four mvps and probably on his way to his fifth mvp this season. are we going to say his individual effort is greater than the team success that tom brady has had? i can't split those two things. if i did i would be making it up. i'm not doing it! >> way to go out on a limb there. okay. strange game in gainesville. florida lost first game ever to an fcf school when they fell to georgia southern. strangest thing about this game is georgia southern did not gain
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a single passing yard. i said not even one passing yard. they have 429 yards from the ground on 54 carries, florida meanwhile lost 4-7. georgia southern unbelievable that they won that game. that will do it for now. we'll see you a little bit later tonight with more sound from cal and stanford. all right. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. until then have a good night and thank you to everyone who generously donated to our nbc bay area food drive. it continue? >> until december 25th. you outdid yourselves. keep it up. tonight we investigate. >> did smith receive preferential treatment? >> he did. >> the investigative unit holds
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law enforcement accountable. >> there are people say it was a conflict. >> do you think there was something wrong with it? >> gang homicides are down from what they were last year. >> how san jose's police department is playing a numbers game with crime stats. >> the administration is saying that gang-related crime is down. is that true? >> no. it's not true. >> almost an epidemic in our community. >> deadly environmental impacts of illegal pot growers on our national parks. >> how deadly are these chemicals? >> they are acutely poisonous. >> thank you for joining us for the next 30 minutes we investigate exposing issues and holding the powerful accountable. we begin with questionable decisions by the santa clara sheriff. one came in the middle of a 16 month criminal investigation of a 49er superstar. a


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